How to Protect Cash In Transit Vans from Theft and Other Contingencies

September 05, 2019 01:04 PM

Cash is an easy target for robbers, making the transportation of cash a high-risk job.The news about cash lootfrom transit vans is a regular occurrence in many parts of the country. Someof these heists are an insider job while others are just robbers with astrategized attempt.

Whoever may be the preparator, it’s important for cash service companies to ensure maximum safety with no room for failure. So, what is thebest course of action for cash service companies to protect against robbers? Well, having moremanned guards is the standard procedure applied in a scenario when ensuring the security of cash in transitvan. However, in today’s technological world, some devices can amplify and provide an extra layer of security to transit vans. Devices such as KENT CamEyeareone-of-a-kind dashcam cum GPS tracker that serve security for cash in transitvan across a host of situations.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at how KENT CamEye can protect transit vans from theft and other contingencies.

  1. Attempted Robbery or Hijacking by taking a Detour

While attempting to rob or hijack a cash transit van, the common way is to take a detour.In such a situation, it gets difficult for the cash service company to track the exact location and know the real culprits. In such a situation, having a device like KENT CamEye can be of immense help in pinpointingthat exact location and people behind the heist.

How KENT CamEye works in this situation?

KENT CamEye is equipped with some of the most advanced features. Firstly, it has a dual camera that records both the inside and outside of the vehicle,which helps in identifying culprits in a situation like theft. Secondly, the device allows forreal-time location tracking. It has a preinstalled 4G sim that syncs every moment into the cloud. The 24-hour battery backup allows recording even when the device is not plugged.

Furthermore, the cash service company canplayback the entire route and know the exact time when the robbery occurred and the people behind it. All past trips are uploaded securely in the cloud and are accessible through the official app.

It’s an excellent device that can monitor every instance happening inside and outside the cash transit van.

  1. Driver’s Mobile Inaccessible when Transit Van is Carrying Cash

Transporting cash is a high-risk job, and in such a situation if the driver’s mobile becomes inaccessible, it’s sure to bring panicto the security head.

How KENT CamEye works in this situation?

With KENT CamEye, this situation can be avoided. The device allows communication between the app and the device installed in the cash van. People with access to the app can directly speak to the driver via the inbuilt two-way communication system.

  1. Unknown Person Driving the Cash Transit Van

If the outsiders attempt to rob the vehicle, they will drive it by themselves to a secure location. Till the time the transit van company gets to know about the heist, it’s already too late, and robbers have fled the crimescene. Time is of the essence here, and the sooner the robbers have beenidentified, the better the chances of catching them red-handed.

How KENT CamEye works in this situation?

KENT CamEye allows cash van companies to add designated drivers to its memory. It has an AI-based facial recognition feature that sends real-time alerts to the app on the smartphone of the person in charge. In case someone other than whitelisted driver sits on the driver’s seat, the devicesends out an instantnotification. The feature cuts down the chase and informs the company at the exact time when any such event is taking place.

  1. Sabotaging the Device

If the robbers hijack the cash van, it’s obvious they will sabotage the device by throwing it out of the van or destroying it.

How KENT CamEye works in this situation?

Everything on the KENT CamEye is synched on the cloud on a real-time basis. Whether the device was plugged in or not, KENT CamEye keeps on recording and syncing the data on the cloud. If the robbers plug out the device, cover it,or throw it out of the van, the smart alerts on KENT CamEye will send out an alert on the user smart phone. Moreover, since everything is already synced on the cloud till the last moment, the authorities can watch the videos and listen to the audio recordings till the last moment. It helps identify the robbers and find the details of the plan.

KENT CamEye – Protectthe Cash Transit Vanfrom Theft

A high-risk job such as transporting cash requires technological interference to protect againstmajor pitfalls. Manned security is important; however, having a device such as KENT CamEye prevents contingencies that are not possibleeven with human intervention.Providing around-the-clock security, KENT CamEye is equipped with features that can help protect cash in transit vans from theft. Book a free demo today and witness the brilliance of the device first-hand.

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