Life of Yuvraj and the lessons it has for all of us

June 18, 2018 07:45 PM

The man with the history of six sixes has fought a battle that many of us will not be able to compete even in our nightmares. Yuvraj’s life has a lot to teach us and sets an example for all cancer patients who are battling in their lives against this deadly disease.

It is not just about the health insurance policies that a person buys to secure his/her family but also about the courage to fight this battle like a winner. Yuvraj Singh, as his name literally translates, fought like the son of a king and achieved victory over his illness.

Here are few lessons that we all should learn from the man with a rampaging hand in cricket- “Yuvraj Singh.”

  1. Struggle and Struggle till You Make It Happen

Yuvraj thoroughly believes that it is not just about your strength, but it is your struggling power that matters. Strength is something that can be developed enroute your struggling path.

He strongly feels that hardships are part and parcel of life but being bold and able to face all hardships with strength is the essence of life. He believes that life is not easy, and everybody is not born with a golden spoon. Hence,you must make yourown means to survive rather than surrender.

  1. Pursue the Targets for The Team

Yuvraj isthe man amongst the men in blue who has been there with the team in the most challenging times. Like life and health insurance policies which promise to hold your hands in the toughest of times, this man has been there to win matches for the team and chase the high targets set by the opponents.

The middle order duo of MS Dhoni and Yuvraj have worked wonders for the team and have worked forward for pursuing the targets in a never-ending manner.

  1. Fighting the Pains and Making It Happen

Yuvraj’s tear-filled eyes in 2011 at the Wankhede stadium were enough to narrate the story of his sufferings. Hefought like a warrior. He played 2011 world cup in immense pain yet never backed off.

This brave man was set with a target, and in no case, he could turn back without achieving it. Yuvraj is an example for all of us as he teaches us to be strong in all our hardships and make things work out despite facing pains and agony.

He teaches us to overcome all our pains and achieve our conquest. Yuvraj’s story is a story that is quintessential and will be in the hearts of all cricket lovers throughout their life. His determination, enthusiasm and consistency and quench for cricket was the reason behind his success.

  1. The Moral of The Story- Never Give Up

Yuvraj never thought of sitting back and just taking the treatment. He had a motive of making a comeback even after fighting his disease and problems.

He had a never say die outlook, and despite being trolled and faced with oppositions, he fought like a lion and accepted all the challenges that came his way.

  1. Having A Self-Possessed Personality

Yuvraj has created many unforgettable moments for us. Remember the ‘six sixes’?It is one of the unforgettable performances that any cricket lover will ever forget.

This living saga,despite being tormented, kept hitting back and made his way using his dynamic and unflappable personality. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to have an attitude that is so positive despite facing miseries.

But Yuvraj Singh is a true player who showed that cricket is a game of gentlemen. With his tranquil approach, he proved that life might give you thousand chances, but you just need one to prove yourself. 


It is not about how your life is, butabout how you plan to live it. It is either you fight or back out; the call is totally yours. Yuvraj chose to fight and is a living example for all such people who back out.

To conclude, it’s all about fighting back until and unless you achieve your goals.




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