Vernacular Q&APlatform 'Bolo Indya' hits the markets

May 22, 2019 04:15 PM

‘We speak street vernacular and we speak job interview,’ - this quote perfectly sums up our beloved country and its vast population, where either vernacular languages are spoken among friends and family or there is the typical English-centric job interview lingo - there is strictly no in between! However, India is  culturally and linguistically extremely diverse and a recent census proves that there are 22 major languages written in 13 different scripts and over 19, 500 dialects across India.

Coming to smartphones which have transformed India’s digital story due to its high affordability and low-cost data plans, thanks to it, vernacular content is at the top of its game and have penetrated not only the metros but both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Consequently, vernacular startups are on the rise these days who are trying to leverage audiences which speaks a language besides English. On an average, a daily active user spends 35 minutes a day reading on the platform and therefore, all kinds of business models are coming up channelising vernacular languages through video-based platforms (voxpops) and voice-based platforms as well.

One such initiative called ‘Bolo Indya’ has hit the market on May 11, 2019, whose objective is to both build a network of local language users and provide them with a knowledge sharing platform. Bolo Indya, built by the team of popular edtech startup called Career Anna intends to target 100 crore Indians speaking local languages.

Mr. Varun Saxena, founder Career Anna, realised that India needs a platform to empower the wide user base which prefers communicating in their preferred language and face difficulty in both typing and communicating in English. This way, such users would be able to leverage the power of internet, find and share meaningful content and voice their opinions in their own language just like their peers do in English.

Bolo Indya is a unique concept and intends to serve as an interest-based platform where people would be able to interact with each other in their local languages and ask questions using audio, video and text modes respectively. Through Bolo Indya, people would be able to both ask questions and answer them in the language they know best and use the most. Where categories are concerned, there is no dearth of them on Bolo Indya, as it covers everything under the sun - varied fields like Travel, Career, Recipes, Makeup, Relationships, News and more! Based on these categories, it would seek active participation from the audience via content, videos and polls.

Where India is concerned, the quote ‘Kos kos par badley paani, chaar kos par vaani,’ holds true as it is a country where every individual is coming from a different soil, different mindset and a different way of life. A recent Google-KPMG survey revealed that India already has over 234 million Indian languages online users in comparison with 175 million English users. There has begun even the vernacularisation of social media, which is due to the fact that an average internet user is consuming two hours of internet daily, with their time primarily spent on videos and networking. Recently, some renowned platforms like Quora have also placed their bets on vernacular and have introduced services in Hindi, however, it predominantly remains an English platform.

Introducing vernacular content on respective platforms will help cater to the needs of over 132 crore Indians. Since the influx of massive regional audience creates a great demand for Indian language content, the fastest way for vernacular platforms to leverage the same would be meeting the demands of regional language content by generating high quality video and audio content which appeals to niche target groups.

Bolo Indya also intends to be an emerging platform in this space and wants to be community-driven which will allow users to participate, react to events, voice their opinions, contribute to the community and be part of a fine network of local language users. Download the Bolo Indya app, which is currently available on Android and features content in three languages viz; Hindi, Tamil, English and Telugu and seeks to cover all local and colloquial languages spoken in India in future.

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