You Can Reduce Your Fuel Expenses, Follow these Off-Beat Tactics

June 06, 2019 11:15 AM

Reducing your fuelconsumption not only cuts down on expenses but also plays an active role in alleviating pollution. You will have a heavier pocket by the end of the month and contribute to saving the planet. Moreover, the rising prices of petrol and diesel is another reason to cut down onfuel expenses.

Cutting down on fuel expenses is actually not a difficult task. In fact, by following certain practices everyday,you can easily cut down on your monthly fuel expenses.

  1. Make Sure the Tires Have Right Pressure

Everyone with a car has experienced ‘drag’ while driving. It’s the resistance caused by tires when in contact with the road. This resistance from tires can impact the fuel economy and also strain the engine harder than required. Even a mere 2-3PSI drop in tire pressure can reduce the mileage by up to 0.5-1%.

Ensure that the tires have the right pressure to improve mileage.Keep in mind the weather, as the rise and fall in thetemperature can alter the tire pressure. All tires have markingsfor appropriate tire pressure so make sure to adequately inflate them. The right air pressure will not only improve fuel efficiency but also maximize the life of the tires.

  1. Avoid Staying Idle

Traffic is one of the biggest reasons for low fuel economy. A lot of fuel is wasted while the car is idle, either in bumper to bumper traffic or at the red lights.

There’s little that you can do about the bumper to bumper traffic. However,turning off the ignition at red lights can significantly contribute to reduced fuel consumption and hence, the expenses.

  1. Never Ride the Clutch

If you drive a manual car, especially in bumper to bumper traffic, we understand it can be annoying. Your clutch is likely to take much beating in such situations. However, what’s worse is riding the clutch while driving.

Riding the clutchliterally means pressing the accelerator pedal when the clutch is still depressed. It puts immense pressure on the clutch. Not only does it reduce the fuel economy, but it also damages the clutch and is a bad practice. So, if you ride the clutch while driving, it’s time to let go of this habit. Replacing clutch is expensive, and motor vehicle insurancedoesn’t cover the wear and tear parts.

  1. Keep Your Speed Down

Speeding is another practice that can increase your fuel expense. Every time you push the accelerator pedal,you’re burning more fuel and increasing your expenses. Ideally, driving at 45-60kmph is the perfect way to conserve fuel. It depends from car to car and gear ratios matter a lot in finding the sweet spot that conserves fuel.

  1. Fill Fuel When Tank is Half Empty

Always fill the tank when it’s half empty because the more fuel you have, the less air in the tank. Scientifically, both petrol and diesel evaporate faster when they come in contact with air.

  1. Replace Spark Plugs

If your carruns on petrol, you need to be extra careful with certain things that can reduce fuel economy. Your car’s engine should also work optimally and should never sound sluggish. Engines with abnormal sounds indicate inefficiency and can consume more fuel than required.

Spark plugs in a petrol engine are the most common problem for the sluggish performance of the engine. Replace them when due as deterioratedspark plugs can cause a significant drop in fuel efficiency, as much as by 30%.

The tips mentioned above will help you cut down on fuel expenses in no time. However, there are a few things you need to know other than the tactics mentioned above. When trying to save money on expenses, you also need to get the best protection for your car.

There are instances dailywhen there’s damage to the enginedue to a number of reasons. It would help if you had a comprehensive motor vehicle insuranceto protect yourself against expenses in case of a breakdown. Reputable insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance also provide many add-ons such as engine cover along with theirmotor vehicle insurance, providing a considerablesafety measure.

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