Prof. B.S.Ghuman warns against reckless cutting of tress, leading to natural disasters: Prof.Ghuman

December 28, 2018 05:40 PM

CHANDIGARH: Panjabi University, Vice Chancellor (VC) Professor B S Ghuman, delivered the inaugural lecture in the ongoing Disaster Management Refresher Course at Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC). Professor Ghuman referred to two causal factors for the disasters happening.

One kind of disaster is manmade, which happens due to the reckless exploitation of the natural resources. In this context, he referred to the landslides happening in the hilly areas like Uttarakhand due to the reckless cutting of the trees. The urban areas get flooded like in Srinagar and Chennai due to the encroachment in the river beds. He further added that the breakout of epidemics also happen in the urban spaces because of the contaminated water and blockage of the drainage system.

Second kind is Nature, which sometimes also plays havoc like in case of tsunami where human beings have to have the knowledge in case of the indigenous people who know how to survive and live peacefully with nature. The close associational networks can be helpful in reducing disaster that comes from the Haphazard developments. The role of the government of course is of paramount importance to avert the impending disasters whether man made or natural. So, it is an ensemble of the government, community, NGOs as well as the indigenous knowledge that can be of utmost importance in dealing with the occurrence of disasters whether it is in terms of quick response or relief and rehabilitation for the victims. He also urged the participating faculty to be community leaders to spread awareness among the people to take preventive measures to save the society from impending disasters looming over us due to blind pursuit of growth and materiel wealth. The participating candidates from different disciplines were urged by Professor Ghuman to gain the practical knowledge.

Significantly, PU runs a Masters degree and a Diploma course in Disaster Management; the courses are multidisciplinary in nature and relate to the realities of the region. Forty-five candidates, all teaching in different colleges and universities all over India are participating in the course. Professor Krishna Mohan is coordinating the course at HRDC, Panjab University.

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