Topper's Strategy to Ace JEE Main 2019

March 28, 2019 09:39 PM

The April leg of JEE Main exam is around the corner. Students who are going to appear in the exam next month would be in the final stage of their preparations. At this stage, the search for an effective strategy might surely be on. So, what could be better than the strategy of toppers? Topper’s strategy to ace the JEE Main examinationwould surely help and guide you in this final phase.

Revision and practice holds the key as most of the toppers have admitted it. If you have done hard work, then there is nothing to fear. If you have appeared for JEE Main 2019 exam in January, then you can take on your strategy from there as well. For the reference of candidates, we have discussed the strategy of JEE Main Toppers. Read out to know what they did and incorporate the same to ace the JEE Main 2019 exam.

Kalpit Veerwal’s Strategy: 2017 Topper

Kalpit Veerwal topped the JEE Main exam in 2017 by creating history. Kalpit scored a cent percent score in JEE Main. Kalpit says that consistency is the key. He says that in the last few days the focus shall be on revision. One must not look for studying new topics or getting in new material.

He says that someone who is preparing for the JEE Main exam for 1 or 2 years sincerely must not worry about the results. The sincere efforts would bring in positive results he adds. Kalpit stuck to his strategy and was successful in scoring perfect 360 scores in the JEE Main.

Dhruv Arora’s Strategy: 2019 Topper (January phase of JEE Main)

Dhruv scored a 100 percentile score in the JEE Main exam conducted by NTA in January 2019. He says that he followed the 6-7 hours study routine religiously.  In the last few days, one must put in 10-12 hours to revise all the stuff he adds.

Dhruv took coaching from Catalyser and invested two years in JEE Main preparations. Dhruv also got AIR 30 in the KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) exam. He says that one must practice previous year’s questions as much as possible.

Be focused and take short brakes not to get bored is what he advises to future aspirants. Attention must be paid to weaker areas so, that you score well overall. Keep stress away and go with the flow.

Bojja Chetan Reddy’s Strategy: 2019 Topper (January phase of JEE Main)

Chetan’s story is another example of this year’s JEE Main exam. Chetan says that his ultimate target is JEE Advanced. With a focus on JEE Advanced, he says that an aspirant can easily crack the JEE Main exam. He adds that JEE Main happens to be the subset of JEE Advanced.

Chetan says that he followed the notes provided by teachers at his coaching in Sri Chaitanya. Thorough revision and practice of mocks and previous years question is the key to success in JEE Main he says. Chetan advises aspirants to stick to one basic material for each subject and revise from it rather than going for multiple sources.

Suraj Krishna’s Strategy: 2018 Topper

Suraj scored 350 marks out of 360 in the JEE Main exam last year. Suraj lays stress on the importance of NCERTs and the practice of mocks. He says that focus shall be on in understanding the concepts rather than going for mugging up of content.

Following NCERT for all the three subjects that is Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is must, he says. Suraj says that he solved the last five years question paper to get an idea about the difficulty level of the paper.

Topic-wise mock and subject related mocks shall also be practiced. The performance analysis and assessment after each mock are key. Work on weaker links and strengthen the strong areas is what Suraj advises.

Since we have now discussed the JEE Main topper’s strategy with you, it’s time for you to take the course of action. Take on the elements from topper’s strategy and add on to your plan. Believe in yourself and back your preparations. Losing track is easy in the final phase, and you must avoid that. Revise, Practice and shall be the mantra at this time.  

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