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Savdhaan India host's debut crime book likely in May

April 23, 2019 05:12 PM

NEW DELHI:  Sushant Singh, host of "Savdhaan India", crime-based reality show, along with his co-author Kulpreet Yadav will soon bring out a book on India's women criminals. It was expected to be launched on May 20, said Penguin, the publisher.

The 288-page book "Queens of Crime" features "raw, violent and seemingly unbelievable" but true renditions of India's 10 women criminals.

"Dysfunctional families, sexual abuse, sheer greed and sometimes just a skewed moral compass. These are some of the triggers that drove the women, captured in these pages, to become lawbreakers. 'Queens of Crime' demonstrates a haunting criminal power that most people do not associate women with," read the book's blurb.

Based on painstaking research, this is the first book by Singh, a film and television actor who has hosted "Savdhaan India" for almost seven years.

It is co-authored by Kulpreet Yadav, an author who took voluntary retirement from the armed forces to pursue a career in writing and won the Best Fiction Writer (2018) award at the Gurgaon Literature Festival.

The blurb reads, the book's acts of depravity "will jolt you to the core, ensuring you have sleepless nights for months".

The book is priced at Rs 299.

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