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Fatehbir Singh lost battle with life, pulled out dead from borewell

June 11, 2019 10:00 AM

SANGRUR: The two year old Fatehbir Singh has lost battle with life after having trapped in the borewell for five days. He was pulled out dead from the borewell at 5.10 AM today. He was rushed to PGI Chandigarh in an ambulance even as his dead body was emitting bad smell.

The incident underlined total failure of district administration and Punjab Government. People around the state are protesting against Chief Minister Vap Amarinder Singh for being inse3nsitive to the plight of family.

Fatehbir Singh was only son of his parents living in Bhagwanpura village. He fell in the 120 feet deep borewell at 4.30 PM on June 6, 2019 and rescue was started from a local NGO without any help from the district administration. The district authoriites left the child and his family at their mercy. The Deputy Commissioner of Sangrur did'nt even visited the site for first two days. NDRF was called too late and that too attempted rescue of child without any expertise.

The district authorities had failed to hand over operation to the army even as army was kept in the loop after third day of begining of operation. The public anger spilled against Capt Amarinder Singh who is reportedly holidaying somewhere in Himachal Pradesh. The local reisdents and NGOs who helped the rescue operations said that Fatehbir would have been saved with timely intervention of state government.

Capt Amarinder Singh had yesterday tweeted from an unknown destination expressing his solidarity with the family and claiming that he was in touch with district administration and his minister Vijay Inder Singla is keeping watch on the operation.

The angry relatives and general public who reached PGI Chandigarh in the morning raised slogans against Capt Amarinder Singh and district administration.

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