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India's PM Narender Modi announced country wide lock down for three weeks

March 24, 2020 08:55 PM

CHANDIGARH: Prime Minister Narender Modi today while addressing the nation announced country wide 21 day long lock down to break the cycle of Corona Virus. He hoped that all Insdians will face this situation with courage and will strictly follw the orders to come out of this crisis. The lockdown will continue till April 15, 2020, starting 12 at midnight of Tuesday.

Modi said that center has earmarked Rs.15000 crores to upgrade medical facilities and tackle the threat of Corona Virus. He said that center was doing all efforts to meet the challenge and he has directed all states to give priotity to health sector. He said that government was working to enhance number of beds, ventilators and other infrastructure.

Modi said that this is extremely important to stay indoor for 21 days and if we failed to maintain the discipline it would be disastor for all of us. Many families will vanish and country will go back by 21 years. He said that a 'Laksham Rekha' is drawn on your door and your one step out of home, it can bring Corona Virus into your home.

Modi said that there was no treatment for Corona Virus and learning from the experience of other countries, we have reached the conclusion that total lock down of country is the only solution. Savind the lives of people of the country is the utmost priority of his government. He said that Corona Virus spreads very fast and beyond a point it will be impossible to contain this virus. He said that life is more imprortant tahn anything and appealed the people to stay where ever you are at this time.

Modi said that other countries where large number of deaths are reported are far ahead in the medical facilities. It was necessary for us to set an example. He said that Corona Virus takes 66 days to reach first one lakh people and after it 11 days to reach 2 lakh people and only four days to reach three lakh people. He said that it is right time to act fast to save country and lives of people. He said that he was advising people ss member of their family and not as Prime Minister. He said that this also applies to Prime Minister.

Modi further highlighted the role of doctors, paramedical staff and supporting staff and Police which are working round the clock in hospitals. He said that nation was indebted to people providing health services in emergency.

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