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Khaira demands dismissal of police officers involved in brutal assault on Delhi Sikh driver and his son.

June 18, 2019 06:01 PM

CHANDIGARH: Sukhpal Singh Khaira President Punjab Ekta Party(PEP) today demanded from center government to immediately dismiss the Delhi policemen involved in assault on Sikh driver and his minor son and also set up judicial commission in every state to probe complaints against police in to revive faith of people in the law and order machinery.

In a statement issued here Khaira said that over the time the police force was highly politicized and it also lack training in dealing with humans. He said that assault on Sikh driver by Delhi police in public place was a testimony that police has not learned to treat human beings and they behaved like street goons.  There was major flaw in the police training in India, he added

Khaira said that Delhi assault on Sikh driver was not an isolated case. Such incidents are happening all over the country but action is taken only in cases which are either highlighted by media or goes viral on social media. He said that the victim driver Sarbjeet Singh and his minor son would have faced police torture and harassment, had the video of incident not gone viral on social media.

Khaira appealed to Union Home Minister Amit Shah who is constitutional head of Delhi police to terminate the services of police officials involved in assault on Sikh driver because such incidents are blot in the face of NDA government at center. He said that if justice was not delivered in cases of such misconduct, the law and order would never improve in this country.  He added that police was highly politicized which hampers delivery of justice.

He said that besides Delhi incident, Sikhs were on the edge in Gujarat and Meghalaya two BJP ruled states. He said that Sikhs who are living for over five decades in Shilong were being dislocated. He said that Gujarat Government had dispossessed over 50000 Sikhs from their agriculture land and they are running from pillar to post for justice. He said that Sikhs were pushed to the wall and law of land is not in their favour.

Khaira said that the traditional Sikh leadership, mainly Parkash Singh Badal and his family members had failed to seek justice for Sikhs though SAD is an alliance partner of BJP running governments in Gujarat and Meghalaya and in Delhi too BJP government controls the police. He advised Badals to stop running after money and looting people, rather work for welfare of their community.

Khaira appealed to Union Home Minister to set up judicial commission for police complaints to rebuild the confidence of people in the police.  Poor people can’t afford to go to higher courts for justice and judicial commission comprising three judges could be made an autonomous body. He also sought drastic changes in the police training.  

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