NSCA flays SC for demolition of Shri Guru Ravidas Marg, Village Tughalaqabad

August 10, 2019 06:51 PM

CHANDIGARH: Historic temple of Shri Guru Ravidas situated at Shri Guru Ravidas Marg, Village Tughalaqabad in New Delhi was demolished yesterday under the orders of The Supreme Court of India by the Delhi Development Authority amidst intense protests and agitation against the order.

Outraged from the instance, Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the National Scheduled Castes Alliance, who along with Ad Dharma Mission, Khuralgarh Sahib headed by Sant Satwinder Singh Hira and other likeminded organizations had submitted a letter to Hardip Singh Puri, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs last month regarding the issue of the temple which was then under sub judice in the Supreme Court of India, spoke vehemently on the issue saying, “This is an act of grave consequences and one which will not be forgotten easily by the Scheduled Castes community. A temple associated with our Guru has been demolished by the DDA under the orders of the Court without even giving a though of the grave implications this decision would have on the law & order situation of the country.”

Kainth lamenting his disappointment on the incident said, “An issue of Ram Janam Bhumi has been going on for generations and every proceeding related to it is handled with utmost caution but when the Supreme Court is asked to decide on a matter which holds the highest importance for the Scheduled Castes community, it blatantly goes on to ignore the wishes of the people and ask for the demolition of the temple of our Guru.”

While giving information on the temple, Kainth told, “Guru Ravidas ji visited this place around 1509 during the reign of Emperor Sikander Lodi and preached Emperor Lodhi and the masses at this place. Every year Purnima, Guru Ravidas Jayanti, Sangrant and all other auspicious days are celebrated at the temple (Sanctum) and thousands of people flock here to get the blessings irrespective of cast creed and religion.”

“We will not let this bigotry pass by without any protest. We unabashedly support the Bharat Bandh which has been proposed, our sentiments have not been taken care of and we as a community will not allow our religious sentiments to be castrated. People who were protesting this draconian order of the Court at the temple site were arrested by the Delhi Police; amongst them was Sant Satwinder Singh Hira, Head of the Ad Dharma Mission Khuralgarh Sahib, Punjab. We demand that they be released as soon as possible and any delay in this regard shall not be taken kindly by the community.” told Kainth.

“We have been receiving hundreds and thousands of calls related to the issue which has been the reason for the widespread protests and violence throughout the country. The National Scheduled Castes Alliance has called upon various religious organizations including Sant Samaj, Ad Dharma Mission and other Deras, along with social and political organizations from all corners of the country to protest against this decision and stand firm in solidarity for the protection of the rights and sentiments of the Scheduled Castes community. Our next plan action is being discussed and it will be shared publicly soon.” announced Kainth.

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