SC declines UP gangster's plea to attend son's wedding

June 22, 2019 11:07 PM

NEW DELHI: "We do not want blood on our hands", the Supreme Court said as it rejected the jailed UP gangster Sunder Bhati's plea for permission to attend his son's wedding.

Bhati's plea, which came before the court on Friday, saw some drama, as his counsel apparently failed to exactly identify its nature.

The vacation bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Surya Kant asked "is it a bail plea or parole", but could not get clarity.

Bhati's counsel urged the court to consider his plea and allow him to attend the wedding, but did not disclose that Bhati is accused in over 45 heinous cases.

One of the judges on the bench apparently got convinced by Bhati's counsel and explored the possibility having a ring of police officials around Bhati while he is attending the wedding.

While the hearing was in progress, the other judge carefully examined the plea before the court and told the counsel that his client is an accused in 45 heinous cases.

"He is accused in many cases. We cannot allow him to attend the wedding. Who knows, in the wedding, he may commit a heinous crime. We do not want blood on our hands. He will not get relief from the court," said the court, rejecting Bhati's plea.

The counsel of Bhati tried to convince the bench to think otherwise, as it was a "peaceful family function" but failed.

Bhati is deemed one of the most "dreaded" gangsters in Uttar Pradesh. He is currently facing trial in more than a dozen cases of serious crimes, including murder.

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