Set your apprehensions aside with these myths busted about hospitality management courses

September 06, 2019 12:21 PM

The hospitality industry is a massive industry and an important one as well. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors all over the world. The hospitality industry is present in most of our society. Luxury, travel, hotel, restaurant, tourism and the likes, fall under the hospitality industry.

To be a part of this enormous industry, one must do a hospitality management coursefrom a reputable university like UPES. This university ensures that the students getall the facilities to turn them into the best hospitality professionals. The university provides students with industrial exposure through industrial visits, projects, guest lectures and more to give students a first-hand experience of the industry. It is one of the best universities to pursue a hospitality management course as it ranks 56th in NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) of MHRD in the Management Category.


However, some students are apprehensive in pursuing a hospitality management course, as various myths stop them. These myths are entirely baseless and not true; here are a few myths busted about doing a hospitality management course.

There Aren’t Enough Opportunities

There is a common myth that persists amongst the masses which claims that there aren’t plenty ofopportunities when one decides to do a hospitality management course. However, this isn’t true as the hospitality industry is humongous, and spreads to tourism, luxury, retail, hotels, restaurant and more giving students plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Pay Packages Are Low

It is often assumed that the pay after a hospitality management course is not enough. This is false, as the hospitality industry is prevalent, and getting employed with the top players in an industry like luxury or tourism will compensate you well. However, you still would need to work hard and make your mark to get ahead in the industry.

There’s No Work-Life Balance

There is often a misconception about hospitality management students having no work-life and that they are consumed with work. It is also assumed that the working hours are unreasonable, which leaves the employees exhausted. These claims are false as the hospitality industry is one of the most fun one to be in. The employees get to interact with people all over the world and grow their network immensely. The work and life balance isexcellent as workers usually work on a shift basis.

Hospitality Industry is Easy

It is considered that a hospitality management course is only pursued by students that are not bright academically and is a comparatively easy subject to pursue. This, however, is not true as being in the hospitality sector requires you have a set of skills and traits that are not easily acquirable. To learn the tricks of the trade, a hospitality management course is essential.

Hospitality Management Course can helpAchieve Your Dreams

The hospitality industry is an ever-growing and evergreen industry that is growing in numbers every year. With a ton of scope and innumerable opportunities, the hospitality sector is a fruitful career path to walk on. As a hospitality professional, you will get plenty of exposure and opportunity to network as it is the part of the job. Now, you can set your apprehensions aside and opt to do a hospitality management course to be a part of this massive industry.

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