Two BJP MLAs declare truce after getting warning

April 15, 2019 03:27 PM

DEHRADUN:  After a prolonged verbal spat, two BJP MLAs in Uttarakhand on Monday declared a truce after they were served show cause notices with a stern warning by the party's state President, Ajay Bhatt.

The Bharatiya Janata Party's MLA from Khanpur Kuwar Pranav Singh Champion has been at loggerheads with Jhabrera MLA Desraj Karnwal for the past one week.

Champion, who claims to be a wrestler, had accused Karnwal of being timid and unable to face him in a wrestling bout in a match in Roorkee.

Karnwal did not turn up for the match following which Champion declared himself as a wrestling champion. "He (Karnwal) cannot even withstand my slap," Champion proclaimed.

On the other hand, Karnwal claimed that Champion is mentally disturbed and should be sent to an asylum. He even claimed that all the degrees of Champion were fake.

With the statement of both the MLAs hitting the headlines in the state media, the party leadership took cognizance and issued the notices to both the warring MLAs on Monday.

"We have told the two MLAs to maintain silence and not indulge in any kind of accusations against each other," Bhatt said.

After the notices, the two MLAs said they would not make any public statements against each other.

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