One Pak intruder shot dead, one nabbed alive with four Kilogram heroin

April 06, 2018 02:21 PM

RAMKOT(Amritsar):  One Pakistani shot dead and one nabbed alive at Border Out Post Ramkot falling in Amritsar..

Conforming the killing and arrest of Pakistani nationals, BSF official said that during wee hour today, BSF night patrolling party, observed some suspicious moments on Indo Pak border on Indian side beyond  barbed fencing, whereupon    BSF troops  rushed on the spot .

On reaching  at spot, BSF noticed moments of two Pakistani carrying something with them, were warned to stop marching  but they didn’t heed any attention towards the warning and kept on marching towards BSF troops in aggressive postures.

On repeated warning when Pakistani intruders didn’t stop, BSF troops opened firing  in self-defense whereupon one Pakistani nabbed with four kilogram heroin and one shot dead on the spot.

Official said that interrogation of nabbed Pakistani  was in progress to bring out the truth as who was receiver on Indian side  and for whom they were brining huge drug consignment from Pakistan to Indian side and how long they were in the drug smuggling across the border.

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