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AAP blames Capt Amarinder Singh for ditching farmers and youth of Punjab

January 05, 2019 06:29 PM

CHANDIGARH: The Aam Aadmi Party on Saturday opposed the move of Capt. Amarinder Singh led Congress govt. to add on new guidelines to get the mobile phone promised by Capt. Amarinder Singh before elections. The party termed the move of govt. as 'cheating the youngster' as it did with the farmers of state on the issue of farm debt.

In a press statement, the in-charge of youth wing and MLA Meet Hayer said the new clause of furnishing affidavit from youngsters who had applied for mobile phone is nothing but denying to fulfill the poll promise.

The AAP MLA said that Congress party before the vidhan sabha elections got the application farms filled and promised from youth but is shying away from providing them the same. The govt. had earlier ran away from fulfilling the promise of providing jobs to the youth and unemployed allowance in absence of job. He said that the govt. has failed on all fronts and promises made with the people are going to air.

Hayer said that the utmost priority of govt. is to provide luxury facilities to the ministers and advisers of the govt but nothing to do with the common people of state. He said that the pensions of dalits, senior citizens and widdows are stalled by the Capt. govt. The Congress party has formed the govt. on fake promises and cheated the people of state.

Hayer said that the govt. had earlier changed its stand on the issue of farm debt from waiving off full debt related to all banks to just 2 Lakh that too of farmers with land holding of 5 acres. He said that increasing cases of famers suicide exposes the claims of Congress govt. He asked govt. to cut the expenditure on ministers and advisers to provide facilities to the common people of state.

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