AAP MLA writes to Chief Election Commissioner of India against free flow of liquor in Punjab

April 05, 2019 04:35 PM

CHANDIGARH: The Aam Aadmi Party has expressed its serious concern over the free flow of liquor in the state of Punjab through a written communication to the Chief Election Commission of India, Delhi, to take steps to put the menace on hold, citing violation of the Model Code of Conduct.  

 In a written communication to Chief Election Commissioner of India, Party’s Sunam MLA Aman Arora alleged that there was a free flow of drugs/narcotics and liquor which were being thrown as a bait to lure the voters ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha election. He said that the Punjab state led the race of splurging drugs and liquor during the elections, which could be gauzed from the recent big hauls in the recent past, making for the newspaper headlines.

 He lamented, in the communication, saying the practice was rampant due to the lack of the proper pre-planning and putting in place certain preventive measures by the respective CEOs in the state to check the menace.

 AAP MLA stated that the liquor vends were allotted every year on April 1 and that the first 20 days of the financial year were a  crucial period during which bulk supplies of liquor were dispatched from various distilleries and bottling plants to replenish the newly-auctioned retail liquor vends.

 The AAP leader further added in his communication that while the Lok Sabha elections were round the corner, the Punjab's political who’s who was involved in getting supplies of cheaper liquor at retail price from distilleries etc for allegedly splurging in certain areas of interest.

 Arora said there was every possibility that there would be huge spillage of liquor from various distilleries and bottling plants based in the state, especially Chandigarh, where no CCTV surveillance was in place, apparently to be used for election purposes under the garb of supplying it to retail vendors, which smacked of a clear Code violation, he said.

 In the communication, Arora has demanded that the Commission tightened noose around the necks of distilleries involved in the illegal trade. He also demanded CCTV surveillance to track the nefarious activity going between the distilleries/ factories and political parties and the potential candidates. The exercise would check the sale, supply and stock of liquor to be later used to influence voters, Arora said.

 AAP MLA has also suggested how the nefarious activity could be effective monitored. He added that a government observer, not from Excise Dept, could be appointed immediately to keep a constant vigil on daily production, storage and supply of liquor. He said that strict 24X7

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