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Bhakra spillage continues for third day

August 18, 2019 05:57 PM

CHANDIGARH: The spillage from Gobind Sagar reservoir of Bhakra dam continued for the third day due to rainfall in the catchment areas and the flood situation remains critical in Ropar district downstream along the Sutlej river.

The flood gates were opened on August 16 after the water level crossed the 1675 feet water level and the heavy rains forecast for next three days. The maximum water storage level allowed in the reservoir fixed by the BBMB authorities is 1680 feet while in past filling upto 1685 or 1686 ft was common , since Dam has a full design level of 1690 ft  . Statement that 1680 ft is danger level is totally wrong in view of design flood reservoir  level  being 1690 , said Padamjit Singh a retired PSEB chief engineer.

The water level in Gobind Sagar on August 17 was 1675.12 feet with inflow of 75856 cusecs. The water usage for generation and irrigation was 36220 cusecs as per NRLDC website. The water level today morning was 1677.48 feet.

A high level meeting of BBMB was held today at Nangal to take stock of the situation. later a press conference was addressed by the BBMB chairman. BBMB is keeping the present release of water through flood gates.

Today  morning there was sudden increase in the water inflow from Siswan rivulets and inflow was more than 3 lacs cusecs at Ropar head works  and this has come down to 2 lacs cusecs by evening.

The water release at Ropar headwork was recorded 223000 cusecs today afternoon. BBMB has released 240,000 cusecs of water in Sutlej River.

While a general alert has been sounded downstream by the civil administration for residents to take precautionary measures due to rising water levels in the Sutlej and its associated canals, there have been reports of some villages being inundated in Anandpur sahib and  Ropar.. The gushing Sutlej forced several slum dwellers out of their houses on the outskirts of Ropar town. Authorities ordered nearly one dozen villages to be evacuated near.

The metrological department has predicted scattered and light rainfall in next week and this will provide much needed relief to the people on the brinks of river Sutlej.

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