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Bir Devinder demands immediate arrest of perpetrator of highly explosive video provoking Sikh Community

May 30, 2019 04:32 PM

PATIALA: A highly provocative anti Sikh video of one Bhanu Partap Singh, claiming to be the Chairman of Punjab Youth Shiv Sena is doing the round on the social media. The abusive contents of this filthy video have the potentials to ignite communal fire in Punjab.

The said video is insultingly provoking the Sikh sentiments for retaliation. The doer of this heinous act even has the audacity to announce his mobile telephone number: 7307533330 in the said video. I wonder how the State Government has allowed such an explosive video to be up loaded on the social media. It smacks of sinister design and definite motive behind this video.

Shiv Sena leaders are being over protected by the Government of Punjab by providing them security covers beyond the norms; perhaps that is why they are emboldened to make such silly statements against the Sikh Community. The timing of this mischievous video commensurate with the anniversary of Blue Star operation in Durbar Sahib, Amritsar in June 1984, therefore it  seemingly looks a deeper   conspiracy against the Sikh Community and also to destabilize Punjab by invoking communal frenzy .

Strong punitive action must be taken immediately as per the law, against the perpetrator or perpetrators of this highly obnoxious evil design, potentially threatening the peace and tranquility in Punjab. I have already forwarded this mischievous video to DGP Punjab Mr. Dinkar Gupta and also forewarned him of the retaliatory consequences, if immediate action is not taken against the so-called leader of the Punjab Youth Shiv Sena.

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