Capt Amarinder's outburst against Modi his last attempt of survival in Congress: BJP

January 06, 2019 07:00 PM

PHAGWARA: The BJP has termed Capt Amarinder Singh’s recent outburst against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his last attempt for survival in Congress.

Tarun Chugh, the national secretary of the BJP said, in wake of Navjot Sidhu’s proximity with Gandhi family and his rise in Congress ranks, the Punjab Chief Minister was finding himself unsafe and the harsh words he uttered against the Prime Minister were part of his survival plan as his position and authority within the Congress and popularity among masses was witnessing a sharp decline.

Strongly condemning Amarinder’s statement against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chugh said Amarinder had not only been trying to save senior Congress leaders involved in 1984 Sikh massacre but had gone out of the way to please the Gandhi family by towing their anti-Sikh stance even at the cost of ignoring and annoying his own community.

 “It is very sad that a leader who had resigned from his party after Operation Blue Star, has to stoop incredibly low to please his political masters just to save his Chief Ministership. His recent statement does not come out of his heart, but is a political compulsion,” he said.

 The BJP leader said, before speaking against the Prime Minister, the BJP and the RSS, Amarinder should have recalled that the Delhi High Court had recently sentenced three-times Congress MP Sajjan Kumar, former MLA and Councillor to life-imprisonment for leading the killers of Sikhs in 1984.

Chugh said, Amarinder, by alleging involvement of BJP and RSS in 1984 Sikh massacre, has landed himself in a piquant situation.  He claimed that during the attacks on Sikhs, Congress MPs, MLAs and Councillors had led party workers while RSS and BJP workers had come out and did not hesitate to put their lives at risk to rescue the victims and their families.

After 1984, the Congress had ruled the country for nearly 24 years and had there been any proof of involvement of any RSS or BJP leader or worker, the Congress would have got him prosecuted and ensured harshest punishment for them,” Chugh said.

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