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Delhi CM announces free electricity for domestic consumers up to 200 units every month

August 02, 2019 10:23 AM

NEW DELHI:  In a mega, the announcement, Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced that Delhi government has decided to provide free electricity to domestic consumers using upto 200 units every month. This major relief to electricity consumers has come to into effect immediately, meaning the new scheme has been implemented from 1st August itself.

“Electricity is now free for those consuming upto 200 units per month. For those using between 201 to 400 units every month, they will be getting 50 % subsidy on their electricity bills,” the Chief Minister announced.     

Tracing the journey of the major electricity sector reforms in Delhi,  Kejriwal said when his government was formed  four and a half years ago, the electricity sector was in a complete mess. Today electricity consumers are getting 24 x7 electricity at cheapest rates in the country, discoms financial health has improved considerably, electricity infrastructure has been strengthened beyond imagination and people no longer need inverters and generators in Delhi.

The Chief Minister said the foundation for electricity sector reforms in Delhi was laid during his 15-day fast on the issue in March 2013.

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