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Fusion of Columbian and Punjabi Folklore at International Festival

November 28, 2018 05:42 PM

AMRITSAR: The dance troupe from Columbia today rocked the stage with their mesmerizing performances at Khalsa College of Education (KCE) during the 6th Khalsa International Folk Festival. The glimpses of the fusion of Columbian and Punjabi folklore was writ large as the dancers from the South American country and college students took stage by storm as the audience witnessed a rare and magical performances.

 The festival organized by the KCE in collaboration with Punjab Cultural Promotion Council (PCPC) exhibited the rare dance and music by the group Palma African Columbian artists. Clad in their traditional, colorful dresses, the artists took to the stage with full enthusiasm and won the heart with the foot-tapping dances and melodious singing of their native place.

Apart from the music, the theatrical presentation by the Colombian artists touched the nerves as they gave folk presentations of their traditions. They later intermingled with the students and performed Punjabi folklore together. The Khalsa students also exhibited the Sikh martial art Gatka, Bhangra and Gidda during the festival.

The Chief Guest at the occasion Khalsa College Governing Council honorary secretary Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina who earlier welcomed the guest artists said the festival was an opportunity for the students of two countries’ to forge international cooperation and friendship. He said the world is becoming a one village and this is possible through the cultural exchanges and integration of diversities.

College Principal Dr. Harpreet Kaur said that such inter-cultural festivals provide opportunity for students to interact and perform together for better understanding between various cultures and traditions. She earlier welcomed the guests and artists saying that they were proud to host the festival.

PCPC head Dr. Davinder Singh Chhina said that it was the 6th festival in the series and their Council promotes multiculturalism and international cooperation through the exchange of artists. He said Colombian group was headed by Director Carmen Melendez along with a team of 6 dance artists, 3 drumists and 2 musicians including Danny Joel Acosta Gomez, Bleidys Linyuch Fabregas, Xiomara Patricia Manjarres Padilla, Airy Muñoz Ospino,Yoni Alberto  Barba, Adrianis Barranco Sarmiento, Lexis,Tobias Perez Martinez,Carlos Arturo Mendoza Carvajal,Alfonso Eduardo, Cabrera Melendez, Rafael Santos Chavez Ramirez, Edgardo Alfonso Orozco Bello, Maria del Carmen Melendez Valecilla, Carmen del Rosario Sanjuan Melendez and this festival was dedicated to 126th year of inception of Khalsa College, Amritsar and to the brave martyr soldiers of Punjab.

 During the festival ADCP Lakhbir Singh, KCGC Finance Secretary Gunbir Singh, Alumni Bhupinder Singh Holland and Harpreet Kaur Khalsa, Gurpreet Singh Riar, Harpreet Singh Bhatti were presented with Heritage Award for their contribution towards protecting Sikh history and culture. KCGC joint secretary Sardul Singh Mannan, Principal Dr. Mehal Singh, Festival Co-ordinator DS Rataul were present.


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