Jakhar promises Minimum Income Guarantee act if Congress voted to power in center

February 01, 2019 04:47 PM

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President and Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur Sunil Jakhar said that after next general election IF Congress party’s government formed at center, will bring Minimum Income Guarantee act to uplift the poor families from the crunch of poverty to fulfill their basic day to day needs; same as its previous government did with implementation of MGNREGA and Food Security Act for the socio-economic growth of the weaker sections of society.  

In a statement issued here today, akhar said that Congress has a history that it has implemented whatever poll promises are made by it. He said that whether it had promised a farm loan waiver in Punjab or the Congress governments formed in three states recently, the Congress had fulfilled the promise of farmer debt waiver with true spirit.

Jakhar said that Congress party believes in the overall development of society and that is why the party's national president Rahul Gandhi has announced the guarantee of minimum income to bail out the poor from scarcity of economic resources. He said that policies of Congress governments have always been in favor of poor, farmer, laborers and small traders. He said that it is a fact that if poor, farmer and laborers are not uplifted then the high rate of GDP or booming share markets have no meaning for the countrymen.

Jakhar said that during its ten year tenure, Congress has implemented MGNREGA, Right to Education Act, Food Security Act and Right to Information Act and these path breaking acts contributed a dramatic change in the social, economic development of the country. He said that between 2004 and 2014, 140 million people were brought above the poverty line during UPA rule at center. Now, on the same pattern after the formation of the Congress government at center in May this year, the law of minimum income will be brought, which will not leave any poor in the country and everyone will have enough finance to fulfill his basic needs of life. He said that when all the basic needs of anybody are fulfilled then such population will work more hard for the country's progress and it will prove to be a milestone in the overall development of the nation.

Jakhar further said that on the other hand, the real face of the BJP has already been exposed in front of the people. He said that the BJP’s poll promises such as Rs 15 lakhs in bank account, bringing back of black money, more than 2 crore jobs every year and increase in the income of the farmers have proved false while Prime Minister Mr. Narinder Modi has wasted his five years tenure by traveling abroad only or to facilitate some big businessmen to leave the country by looting the public money of banks. “While India came down to 103rd rank in International Hunger index just near to African countries in 2018 during the BJP rule,” he added. He said that BJP government has only increased poverty and starvation in the country. He said that there is anger against BJP across the country and people have decided to take out this anti-people government from power in next general election.

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