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Modi running the Captain Amarinder Singh Government through Ajit Doval: Mann

August 03, 2019 06:17 PM

CHANDIGARH: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab unit chief and Sangrur Member of Parliament (MP) has said that the meeting of Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and ministers held on Friday under the chairmanship of Captain Amarinder Singh has put a stamp on the much-talked-about bonhomie between Captain Amarinder Singh and the Badals playing a safe friendly match.

In a statement issued from party headquarters on Saturday, Mann said that nothing had been left to speculation after his own party MLAs and ministers went vocal on Captain Amarinder Singh’s soft corner for the Badals, stating that he had forfeited his moral right to continue in the chair by misleading people of the state.

Mann said that post the said meeting, one clinching fact had come to the fore that both the Captain and Badal clans were promoting the cult of nepotism by putting the core issues of concerning Punjab, Punjabis, and the Panth  on the back burner, saying they were resorting to such political jugglery to extend a helping hand to each other and play safe, caring two hoots for the issues of core concern that state was wrestling with. Mann said that the Congress leaders had not only bared the real face of the Captain-Badals duo but had proved that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was running the Captain Government through his security adviser Ajit Doval.    

Mann said that the AAP had been crying hoarse over these issues of concern at various fora, public rallies, besides raising them in the Parliament and the Assembly. He added that the issues AAP had been raising included the menace of drugs, which had assumed alarming proportions due to the presence of drug mafia, which like other mafias active in the state, including transport, land, sand, cable and power, calling the shots in the state, the unemployment, which had driven a large number of youths either getting hooked to drugs or forcing them to fly over to the foreign shores in search of greener pastures, Mann added.                        

Mann lamented that those behind the incidents of desecration of Guru Granth Sahib and firing incident at Behbal Kalan - Kotkapura were roaming free, saying that Captain Amarinder Singh had promised under oath to the people of the state that if voted to power, his government would nail the mafia within few days after assuming power. Mann said that it was nothing but a true sample of their bonhomie to save each other.

Mann called upon the people of the state to stay cautious against the evil designs of the Badal-Captain clan, who were engaged in spinning money for their coming generation by indulging in open ‘loot’ of the government exchequer and the peoples’ hard-earned money, while their (peoples) own wards were left to fend for themselves in the presence of Mafia Raj being run under political patronage. He called upon them to make a human chain to foil their attempt to ruin the careers of teeming millions of young generation.    

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