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Power tariff increased by 2.14 % in Punjab

May 27, 2019 05:28 PM

CHANDIGARH: Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission today revised the tariff for the financial year 2018-19 for all categories of consumers by 2.14 % and has also  increased fixed charges for all the category of consumers by Rs. 10 per KW with effect from June 1.

As per order the domestic tariff has been increased by 8 paisa per unit and fixed charges have been increased by Rs. 10 per KW. Industrial supply has been increased by 8 paisa per unit and fixed charges by Rs. 5  KVA. The average cost of supply has been worked out Rs.6.629 per unit.

The gross revenue requirement has been assessed at Rs. 32757 crore and there is a cumulative gap of Rs.497 crore between revenue receipt and expenditure.

The total amount of balance subsidy is Rs.4768.65 crore and this year’s subsidy amount is Rs.9674 crore and thus total subsidy to be paid by Punjab Government  is 14972  crore including arrears of Rs. 5297 crore The monthly subsidy to be paid by Punjab Government in advance is Rs.1268.57 crore..

 The total power purchase next year is likely to be Rs.20827 crore at a pooled cost of Rs.4.29 per unit.

The wheeling charges for open access comsumers is Rs.466020 MW /month for long term amd medium term consumers.For short term consumers these are Rs 1353 per MWh.

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