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Protest will keep on going till our demands are not met - NSCA

January 01, 2019 08:12 PM

CHANDIGARH: While the people are enjoying their New year in different ways, victim families of Shergarh and Atalan continue their struggle for justice as their symbolic hunger strike enters 12th day running.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the National Scheduled Castes Alliance which is leading the hunger strike in favour of the victims pledged today to take more stern and aggressive steps if the state government keeps on ignoring the plight of these poor families. He said, "The congress government ruling the state has no regard for the condition that these poor families are going through. They have been sitting here in this cold weather fighting their struggle through non violent means while the accused roam without any fear of the law. It is a matter of shame for the government that these victims have to suffer like this to get justice and live their life normally without any terror or harassment."

While there has been no action taken so far, the families are not ready to give up their struggle and have vowed to sit indefinitely until the accused are behind bars. Continuous chants against the inefficiency of the state government to nab the accused surround the Sector 25 Rally Ground where the symbolic Hunger Strike is taking place.

Kainth said "No leader of any political party has took up the cause in favour of these victims, the accused enjoying the protection of the Local MLA is fearless and there is constant pressure of these families to give up the cause. The state government should realise the gravity of the situation sooner rather than later when the protest reaches to a higher level."

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