Punjab BJP leader Hails Union Budget as People Friendly, Welfare Oriented

February 01, 2019 05:45 PM

AMRITSAR: Senior BJP leader Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina today hailed the Union Budget, as people friendly and welfare oriented. He every sector, be it agriculture, health, education, defence, working class or housing has been taken care of in this budget which popped up pro-poor policies and will provide major push to the economic growth and  development and will generate employment.

In a statement issued here, Chhina said that the last budget of the BJP Government's tenure at the Centre has brought smiles to middle class and the initiatives taken by the Modi government will bring several structural reforms to improve the economy further. He said the government has broken the back of back-breaking inflation, and that fiscal deficit has been brought down to 3.4 per cent as he applauded the efforts that have been taken to bring full representation for the economically weak and backward sections of the society.

Chhina hailed the announcement of launching the Kisan Yojana Pogramme wherein farmers owning up to 2 hectares would get Rs 6,000 per year and interest subsidy to farmers pursuing animal husbandry, fisheries and affected by natural calamity. He emphasized that the Government is committed to inclusive growth by providing sops for middle-class and the lower middle class tax payers. ``The poor section of the society has been taken care of in the budget and so are the farmers and the women’’, said Mr. Chhina

Calling the budget directional, Chhina emphasized that the benefits announced for affordable housing, women empowerment and electric vehicles are growth oriented and development specific. "The mission of bringing an Electric Vehicle revolution to India by 2030 is a truly path-breaking and will surely provide much-needed impetus to the industry. The government’s focus on the use of clean energy in the transportation sector would certainly help our country tackle the issue of climate change", said Chhina adding that even the proposals for health and defense sector have been well braced in the budget.

Policies aimed at promoting expenditure efficiency through rationalization of government schemes and better-targeted delivery, including direct income transfer schemes, increased allocation to MGNREGA, PCA framework to clean the banking system, pension scheme for workers of unorganized sector, enhanced ESI coverage for employees, 8 crore LPG connection and 'one rank one pension' scheme were majorly appreciated by Chhina.

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