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State government responsible for turning Punjab into drug capital: Bhagwant Mann

April 02, 2019 07:15 PM

CHANDIGARH: Punjab unit chief of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Member of Parliament from Sangrur on Tuesday lambasted the BJP-SAD let government for promoting the cult of drugs and the ruling Captain Amarinder Singh for not addressing the menace, stating that the ruling government too had chosen to sleep over the issue eating out the vitals of Punjab. With these conventional party governments failing on this front, the AAP is seen as a guiding force on the political landscape which could take on the zombie of drugs.      

Blasting the erstwhile BJP-SAD government for its dubious role in turning the state into a drug capital, Mann said that it was during the 10-year long tenure of the Badals that the menace of drugs gained a foothold in every nook and corner of the state due to the protective patronage extended to drug lords by the government. He said the cult of drug addiction flourished and touched a new high under their suzerainty.

Then came the 2017 Assembly elections in which the Congress Party got a decisive mandate on the basis of tall promises, including stamping out the menace of drugs a within weeks of assuming power, Mann said the party peddled dreams only to woo the voters to levering them into votes. He lamented that even after being in power for over two years now the state government had done nothing in this regard, leaving those who voted elected it shattered.

Expressing his dismay over the recent drug seizures in various parts of the state touching a Rs 100-crore mark ever since the Model Code of Conduct came into force, the AAP leader said that the big drug hauls depicted the magnitude of the malaise of drugs. He said if the figures available are to be believed, the state was heading to a more disastrous situation.

The Sangrur MP said that the narcotics seized from various parts of the state, included mainly opium, ganja, heroin, charas, poppy husk, drug powder, intoxicating drug capsules, et al. He said that it was a matter of grave concern that  Jalandhar topped chart of drug seizures worth Rs over Rs 41 cr, followed by Tarn Taran (23 cr) Ludhiana (Rs 12 cr), and Amritsar (4.05 cr).

Mann said that the AAP had been raising the much-vexed issue of drugs in the Parliament and Vidhan Sabha to highlight the menace and wake up the sleepy government to act fast to navigate the youth from the muck of drug addictions. While castigating the government for the sorry state of affairs, he made a fervent appeal to extend their wholehearted support to AAP by driving out the traditional SAD and the Congress Party out of power corridor and put up a united front to fight the formidable menace of drugs.

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