Strengthen hands of AAP to push Punjab on path of growth: Bhagwant Mann

April 08, 2019 08:38 PM

CHANDIGARH: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Member of Parliament from Sangrur said has appealed to the people of Punjab to come out of their cozy confines and vote against those who delivered nothing on promises they peddled among the people.

In an emotional letter addressed to the people, Mann said that he took the reins of the Punjab unit the party was passing through a rough patch as certain people were trying to harm it for their personal political ends. They had now parted ways to pursue their personal agenda/aspirations. Ever since, he said, he assumed the charge, the party had emerged as a guiding force and working harder on performing and proving its credentials in the state, Mann said.

In an emotive address to the people, Mann said “I was an established artiste earning lakhs. I said no to this lucrative profession with a sole objective of serving you. I used to have hard drinks once in a while which I left for good in the month of January, 2019 on the insistence of my mother so that I could make myself available for you 24X7. It was a nothing but a call from within to be at your service”

Mann further said “I have tried to raise each and every issue and concern the people of the state were confronted with. As you may recall, December 27, was the martyrdom of the younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh. On my insistence, the Parliament paid rich tributes to the great martyrs, which none else elected to the Lok Sabha from the state could do by far.”

Mann further said that the youths from the state often go abroad in search of jobs/ careers and get trapped there for one or the other reasons. He said he had taken a solemn vow to extend a helping hand to those who get trapped there. He added that he had always extended his support to them. He said that during the past five years, he had helped bring back hundreds of such youths trapped in various countries reach home safe.

Giving full marks to the Arvind Kejriwal-led government in Delhi, he said that it had taken historic decisions on key issues, including health services, education, cheaper power, et al. He said that the Amarinder Singh Government should take a cue from the Delhi model and replicate it in Punjab.

Taking a dig at the Amarinder Singh Government in the state, Mann said that he and his govt had promised jobs and smart phones to youth, loan waiver to farmers/ farm hand, Rs 2,500 old-age pension, among others. Did he keep any of the tall promises he made to the people?. Did the menace of drugs end? The answer was an emphatic no, Mann said.

He exhorted the people of the state to get rid of these conventional parties which have done nothing for the people of the state during their longest spells in power by defeating these anti-people forces so that they could realize what injustice they had done to the people. It would serve as a deterrent to other political outfits to shun making catchy promises and backtracking on them.

He said that the people of Punjab were disenchanted with the Captain government for many reasons than one and all were mentally prepared to give a chance to the pro-public party - the AAP, which would move heaven and earth to deliver on the promises the preceding governments had backtracked on.

Mann further said that the AAP which had made its presence felt in Delhi by delivering on the poll promises, be it providing cheaper power, providing high-end facilities in government schools, improving health services and implementing the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission reports.

Mann added that the party would replicate the Delhi model in Punjab in letter and in spirit making all these issues a palpable reality and not merely a plank to win votes. He added that the Punjab unit of the party had forced the government to review and reduce the hefty power bills the poor and marginal consumers were getting for their reasonable consumption.       

Mann urged the people of the state to deliver a decisive mandate in favour of the Aam Aadmi Party and ask their kin to vote and support the party nominees in the fray so that the people could live their dreams and live on mere false promises. He appealed to one and all to strengthen the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, thereby giving it a chance to serve the people.

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