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Sukhpal Khaira complains to ECI against Punjab DGP, seeks his transfer

April 10, 2019 07:27 PM

CHANDIGARH: Sukhpal Singh Khaira president of Punjabi Ekta Party(PEP) has complained to Election Commission of India against Punjab DGP and blamed DGP  Dinkar Gupta for poor law and order situation in the state.

In his complaint Khaira wrote, "This is to bring to your notice the critical state of Law & Order in the State of Punjab and the open victimisation of a minority community. A recent incident involving the Punjab Police has totally shaken the faith of the people in the police leadership of the present DGP ".

He stated that on 27th March 2019, DGP  Dinkar Gupta DGP hand-picked some of his favourite police personnel, from different locations of Punjab, vide his office order No.5084-92/E-2(8) dated 27.3.19 and temporarily attached them with Khanna District Police.

He further said that on 29th April 2019 armed persons are alleged to have raided the residence of Father Antony at Jalandhar and forcibly took away Rs.16.65 crores along with his abduction at gun-point after snatching their mobile phones etc. as per the statement of Father Antony, these facts are also recorded in the CCTV footage and published in newspapers.(Annexure B).

Giving details he added that the above incident was flashed by the Police Control Room throughout the State of Punjab and Nakas/Check points were set up all over the state to nab the culprits. The Commissioner, Police at Jalandhar also visited the spot of the incident.

Khaira alleged that to cover-up the covert-operation by the team of Khanna Police along with the team specially constituted by Dinkar Gupta DGP and to give a legal face to this goof-up and illegal operation, later Father Anthony and others were shown as apprehended from a Naka/ Checkpoint at Doraha District Khanna, along with a cash sum of Rs.9.66 crores, which was later deposited with the Income Tax department by the Khanna Police. Whereas, a sum of Rs.16.65 crores was taken by the raiding party from the residence at Jalandhar as stated by Father Antony. A sum of Rs.6.65 crores was allegedly siphoned off during this whole operation by the team of DGP  which separated on the way to Khanna from Jalandhar and later joined at Khanna. Father Anthony was kept in illegal custody till 5.00 am of 30th March 2019 and later let off without any FIR or arrest.

Khiara stated that whereas, Father Antony had this money as legitimate funds received from schools (uniforms, textbooks etc.) under the Jalandhar Diocese and the same was about to be deposited with the bankers (South Indian Bank, Jalandhar) who were present during the raid by the Khanna Police.

He wrote, "It is pertinent to mention here that any operation carried out by the Police must follow certain protocols which have been clearly violated as the motive and objective of this raid was not official and purely for personal pecuniary gains. Father Antony along with others were kidnapped and kept in illegal confinement in a planned fashion by armed police personnel with a purpose of depriving them 0f their legitimate money".

The raiding party under the directions of DGP   through SSP Dhruv Dahiya and team of Khanna Police never intimated the local Jalandhar Police or local police station and neither informed Income Tax authorities nor Enforcement Directorate for the operation for recovery of money. Surprisingly, the alert sounded by Jalandhar Police was not followed up and alert in the State Police was called off on the directions of the DGP.

Khiara pleaded that in the interest of upholding the highest tenets of democracy and ensuring free and fair elections in Punjab it is imperative that the present DGP  Dinkar Gupta is transferred out of his current assignment to a post where he is not connected with the public or electoral process in any way, till the new Government is formed.

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