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Union govt should immediately dispatch expert teams to rescue trapped Fatehvir: Bhagwant Mann

June 10, 2019 07:02 PM

CHANDIGARH: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Member of Parliament and state chief Bhagwant Mann has expressed his dismay and deep shock over the tardy operation to rescue Fatehvir Singh (2), who fell into 150-foot deep borewell in Punjab’s Sangrur district five days ago, and accused the rescue teams for having failed to bring out the ‘trapped’ infant to safety even as more than 94 hours had rolled by since the operation took off.

In a statement issued from party headquarters in Chandigarh here on Monday, Mann accused the local administration and state government for their failure to take an urgent call in the matter thus delaying the operation to rescue the infant who, he said, was fighting a grim battle between life and death.

The AAP leader said that the lack of technical knowhow and unavailability of sophisticated devices had led to the inordinate delay in the successful completion of the ongoing operation to save the child. This had not only posed a valid question over the slow-going operation to ‘save-the-child’ but had also spelt potential danger to the safety and security of innocent lives, which fell victim to such a situation. He said that even more disgusting was the role of the rescuing teams, led mainly by National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), which faltered due to technical knowhow and availability of sophisticated devices which apparently impeded the operation in its final stage.

Mann demanded that the government should immediately dispatch expert rescue teams with high-end apparatus to expedite the rescue operation and taking it to a conclusive end thus saving the life of the infant, sooner than later. He also appealed to the people of the state to go across their respective areas to identify ‘such’ incomplete and unmanned borewells and inform the authorities concerned so that no innocent ‘Fatehvir’ has to undergo such a traumatic ordeal.

Mann further said that the he would take up the issue in the coming session of Parliament for the special allocation of funds to meet such life-threatening exigencies in the near future. He also urged the state government should follow suit and make provisions for allocation of an exigency funds in the upcoming budget session of Assembly to preempt chances of the recurrence of such avoidable incidents in the state.

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