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Haryana's 1,80,56,896 voters will exercise their right to franchise on May 12

May 01, 2019 12:15 PM

CHANDIGARH: In Haryana, as many as 1,80,56,896 registered electors including 1,05,859 service electors will be able to exercise their right to franchise in the election to 10 Lok Sabha seats in the State, polling for which is scheduled to be held on May 12, 2019. These included 97,16,516 male, 83,40,173 female and 207 transgender electors.

While stating this here today, Joint Chief Electoral Officer Dr Inder Jeet said that as a result of Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programme organized in all districts, 6, 08,603 new electors have been registered in the State after January 31, 2019.

Referring to the age-group wise number of electors in the State, he said that three lakh electors are in the age group of 18-19 years. He said that the number of such electors was 1.40 lakh as on January 31, 2019 whereas 1.60 lakh new electors registered themselves during this period upto April 23, 2019 which shows tremendous craze among the youth for elections this time, he added.  He said that similarly, while 38.96 lakh electors are in the age group of 20-29 years, 44.38 lakh in the age group of 30-39 years, 35.46 lakh in the age group of 40-49 years, 27.86 lakh in the age group of 50-59 years, 17.31 lakh in the age group of 60-69 years, 8.87 lakh in the age group of 70-79 years and 4.27 lakh electors are those who are above 80 years of age.

Enumerating the details of parliamentary constituency wise electors as on today, he said that there are total 18,53,577 electors in Ambala (SC) Parliamentary Constituency including 99,0,603 male, 8,62,944 female and 30 transgender electors. Similarly, in Kurukshetra Parliamentary Constituency there are 16,57,335 electors including 8,82,798 male, 7,74,525 female and 12 transgender electors, 18,03353 electors in Sirsa (SC) Parliamentary Constituency including 9,59,026 male, 8,44,316 female and 11 transgender electors, 16,31,809 electors in Hisar Parliamentary Constituency  including 8,82,418 male, 7,49,383 female and 8 transgender electors, 19,04193 electors in Karnal Parliamentary Constituency   including 1019227 male, 884941 female and 25 transgender electors and 15,92,610 electors in Sonipat Parliamentary Constituency which included 8,66,353 male, 7,26,230 female and 27 transgender electors.

He said that in Rohtak Parliamentary Constituency there are total 17,37,133    electors including 9,37,701 male, 7,99,422 female and 10 transgender electors, 16,54,367 electors in Bhiwani-Mahendergarh Parliamentary Constituency including   8,89,989  male, 7,64,366 female and 12 transgender electors, 21,50,668 electors in Gurugram Parliamentary Constituency including 11,45,459 male, 1005174 female and 35 transgender electors and 20,71,851 electors in Faridabad Parliamentary Constituency. These included 11,42,942 male, 9,28,872 female and 37  transgender electors.

The Joint Chief Electoral Officer said that as many as 19,433 polling stations have been set up in the State including 19,425 regular polling stations and 8 auxiliary polling stations. He said that 5,502 polling stations have been set up in urban areas and 13,931 in rural areas. He said that while 2045 polling stations have been setup in Ambala Parliamentary Constituency, 1,819 polling stations have been setup in Kurukshetra Parliamentary Constituency, 1,912 including 1 auxiliary polling station in Sirsa Parliamentary Constituency, 1,751 in Hisar Parliamentary Constituency, 2003 in Karnal Parliamentary Constituency, 1771 in Sonipat Parliamentary Constituency, 1876 in Rohtak Parliamentary Constituency,1968 in Bhiwani-Mahendergarh Parliamentary Constituency, 2,250 including 5 auxiliary polling stations in Gurugram Parliamentary Constituency and 2038 including 2 auxiliary polling stations in Faridabad Parliamentary Constituency.
He said that total 223 candidates are in fray for the elections in the State this time with maximum number of 29 candidates from Sonipat Parliamentary Constituency and minimum 16 from Karnal Parliamentary Constituency. However, 230 candidates contested the Lok Sabha Elections-2014 in the State with maximum 41 candidates contested from Hisar Parliamentary Constituency and Minimum 14 each from Ambala and Rohtak Parliamentary Constituencies.

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