Friday, October 30, 2020

Kangna has crossed all limits by disrespecting farmers, will teach her a lesson: NSUI Prez Akshay Sharma

September 22, 2020 06:33 PM

AMRITSAR: Taking strong exception to her ludicrous tweet, Punjab NSUI President Akshay Shamra on Tuesday declared Kangna Ranaut has crossed all limits by targeting the beleagured farmers labelling them as terrorists.

She should be shameful for what she has said but what else do you expect from her who is dancing to the tunes of anti-farmer BJP, the fiery youth leader Akshay Sharma said.

Leading a protest march here at Rattan Singh Chowk in North Amritsar constituency, Akshay dared Kangna to have guts and come to Punjab. We will teach you a lesson for trying to tarnish the anndatas who feed the entire world.

Demeaning their protest for rights is the most despicable thing and NSUI would set your mind right, he said amidst loud sloganeering against her by youth members. The protest numbers swelled with people of all walks of life joining in to express their solidarity.

Come with whatever security you have. X, Y or Z. We will see you. Show your real courage to come to Punjab, Akshay thundered. These self-appointed guardians of society on Twitter who know nothing about anything need to be apprehended, he added.

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