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Randeep Singh Chahal wins “Brisbane Choreographer Cup 2022”

JAGMOHAN SINGH | June 25, 2022 12:50 PM

AMRITSAR: Randeep Singh Chahal, a 29 year old dancer/Choreographer from india who lives in Brisbane, Australia now has won “Brisbane Choreographer Cup 2022” Competition by competing against top 10 choreographers/ dancers in Australia.

Brisbane Choreographer Cup is one of the biggest dance competitions which took place in Brisbane, Australia. The competition was organized by Sugar Kaye Grefaldeo collaborating with YCV Dance studios & Mad Dance house who hosted the competition. And this competition was judged by 3 of the top artist in Australia Erika Goldsmith, Yasim Coronado & Jzer Miro. Brisbane Choreographer Cup is an open level Dance competition so dancers can come from any part of Australia to participate. Solos, Duos and Groups everyone is most welcome to participate.

Randeep competed againts 10 Choreographers and they were some of the best in Australia. It was a 2 hour competition and it took place in front of big sold out crowd. The Format of competition was pretty simple. You have to perform your own choreographed combo with concept(story telling). In 2mins you have to tell a really amazing story through own choreography & dancing. Randeep says he was pretty confident but also slightly nervous as well as the other artist were really amazing. All of the concepts were brilliant. As his name was announced as a winner the crowd went off cheering for him. He was rewarded a Big Trophie, a certificate & cash prize of $200. He says it was one the the Best experience of his life and he ll never forget it ever.

This competition was also a fundraiser for YCV dance studios as YCV dance studio studio was completely destroyed by recent floods in Brisbane. So Sugar Kaye Grefaldeo who’s one of best artist in Australia took initiative with Mad Dance house to help YCV get back on their feet & raise funds for the studio.

Randeep has been dancing and performing live since kindergarten. He started his professional training at 17 from Pankaj and Preeti Dance Academy situated in Amritsar, India. It’s one of the most prestigious dance academy’s in India. He started teaching professionally at the age of 19. And since then he has performed, taught classes/workshops and travelled many cities and countries.

Randeep has also been part of 2 Guinness World Records and has also been published in the top “25 Dancers and Choreographers” of the world. His ultimate target is to travel, teach and perform all around the world.

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