Over 1000 School Students Visited Sukhna Lake to Welcome Migratory Birds

November 29, 2017 04:15 PM

CHANDIGARH:  ‘In a fortnight long programme, over 1000 students of various prominent Government and private School students visited Sukhna Lake to watch and welcome migratory birds’, this was shared today by Mr. Santosh Kumar, Chief Conservator of Forest & Wildlife, and Director, Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration. Their Department along with an NGO-Yuvsatta organized visits of School students to see and learn from migratory birds.

Today, on the last day of the fortnight long migratory bird watching visits for School students, over 100 students of Carmel Convent School and Government Girls Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector 18C, Chandigarh visited Sukhna Lake, where TC Nautiyal, Conservator of Forest also addressed them.

Regular bird watchers like Kulbhushan Kanwar and Sarabjit Kaur explained to the kids about hundreds of migratory bird who travel every year thousands of miles to reach Sukhna Lake, to escape the harsh cold of their habitats.

Santosh Kumar explained on the occasion that migratory birds start arriving in the Sukhna wildlife sanctuary from early November and their stay lasts till March or April, depending on the climatic conditions. And these birds are very sensitive; so we have made arrangements to make the environment conducive for them. And migratory birds come from places like Siberia, China and Afghanistan. These are brahmi ducks, common pochards, red-crusted pochards, grebes, geese, shell ducks, marsh ducks, diving ducks, rails, coots, stilts, hill kingfisher, mallard, pintail, cormorants, Siberian ducks, cranes, storks and sandpipers.

TC Nautiyal addressing the students added that “It was a spectacular day of birding with a great variety of birds being spotted.  Their Chandigarh’s Forests & Wildlife Department is taking a keep interest to sensitize young children’s during this time about the important role birds play, as they provide critical links within the vast food chains and webs that exist in our ecosystem. He further added that the annual migration of hundreds of migratory birds to Sukhna Lake is an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

According to forest officials, the winged visitors have been congregating here for the last over three decades as conditions in the region are very hospitable for them. They will be in their full strength by December end.

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