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PM with South Korean President inaugurates largest mobile-phone factory in India

July 11, 2018 11:57 AM

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister of India and President of South Korea jointly inaugurated largest manufacturing-unit in the world for mobile phones set up by South Korean company Samsung in Noida (India) on 09.07.2018 in tune with his dream concept of ‘Make in India’ programme. Setting up of such a big unit in a big 35-acre plant with capacity to produce 120 million mobile-phones annually will be of big advantage to both the countries. It will give employment to thousands of India people directly and indirectly, increasing revenue-earning apart from saving drain of foreign currency from India. On the other hand, South Korean company facing tough global competition from Chinese company Xiaomi in manufacturing mobile-phones, may regain its number-one position globally in India with second largest consumer-base in the world after China. Earlier also way back in 2015, leading aircraft-manufacturer Airbus Industry (France) had announced investing $ two-billions in India for manufacture of aircraft-parts.

India is largest consumer-base after China and can devise ways so that global manufacturing-giants may be forced to set up manufacturing-units in India if they desire their brand-names being marketed in India. India is largest importer in the world for importing items of day-to-use like also computer-related items. India is definitely in a situation to on impose its terms on such imports. Many of the imported items are manufactured in collaboration in countries other than country of original manufacture owning the brand. Indian government should link import of largely used items with condition that brand-owning company may set up production-unit in India itself at least in cases where manufactured items are not being directly imported from the country the brand-owning company exists.

Since original toner and ink cartridges of computer-printers are sold at exorbitant prices by original manufacturers, condition should be that such accessories will be allowed to be manufactured by any desiring Indian manufacturer for making these available to consumers at much cheaper prices.

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