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Dr. Baljit Kaur visits at Faridkot Observation Home

June 22, 2024 06:53 PM
 Dr. Baljit Kaur visits at Faridkot Observation Home

Says, State Government to launch a skill development program soon

PunjabNewsline, Chandigarh, June 22-

Dr. Baljit Kaur, the Minister of Social Security, Women and Child Development, visited the Observation Home and Place of Safety in Faridkot today, introducing several new initiatives to empower the boys residing there.

During her visit, Dr. Kaur announced the launch of skill development programs to enhance the boys' capabilities and prepare them for better futures. She reviewed the existing facilities and instructed the staff to address any deficiencies within the next 15 days. Emphasizing a holistic approach, she also called for the promotion of recreational activities, the organization of a comprehensive health check-up camp, and the inclusion of cultural programs.

The Observation Home currently houses over 60 boys from various districts, including children under 18 charged with statutory offenses and those aged 18 to 21 in Places of Safety. The new initiatives are expected to significantly improve their quality of life and future prospects.

Dr. Kaur expressed satisfaction with the staff's efforts after understanding their work. She directed the Superintendent to report on the condition of the beds within a week and ordered the organization of medical camps to ensure the boys' health protection.

The minister highlighted that although the home was initially built to accommodate 50 boys, efforts are underway to expand its capacity to 100 boys. She assured that the Punjab government, under Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann’s leadership, is committed to providing the necessary budget and staff for this expansion.

These efforts aim to bring positive changes, improving the lives of the boys at the Observation Home in Faridkot.

District Social Security Officer Faridkot, Naveen Gadwal, was also present during the visit.

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