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New video exposes BJP, once hailed as savior now sacrificial lamb: Pawan Bansal

February 07, 2024 09:35 AM
 New video exposes BJP, once hailed as savior now sacrificial lamb: Pawan Bansal

Punjab Newsline, Chandigarh-
Former Congress MP Pawan Kumar Bansal has commented on the Supreme Court's decision on the mayoral election fraud, stating that Anil Masih, the election officer, will now face the consequences. He said that Masih was merely a pawn, who was first hailed as a savior for the BJP, and now will become a sacrificial lamb for them. While Anil Masih will be held accountable for the murder of democracy in the mayoral election, the truth is that many prominent faces of the BJP were involved in orchestrating this entire game.
"A new video emerged today of 30 th Jan during the election is clearly showing BJP councilor Kanwarjeet Rana, nominated councilor Satinder Sidhu, BJP councilor Harjeet Singh, Kuljeet Sandhu, another nominated councilor of BJP Amit Jindal, and former mayor Anup Gupta instructing someone to remove the camera from Anil Masih. Additionally, it is evident how Anil Masih invalidated 8 votes for the Congress and AAP. Even a private channel has exposed everything, making it clear that the entire team of BJP in Chandigarh was involved in this heinous conspiracy. Those who sat on the councilor's chair based on the trust of the people in democracy were now involved in the murder of that same democracy. Shouldn't their memberships be revoked? Shouldn't cases be filed against them too? I even say that this would not have happened without the approval of the leadership in Delhi, so the truth should also come out before the people. Because if this wasn't the case, action would have been taken against them at the party level by now. But the conscience of the BJP has died to such an extent that they are now openly engaging in such acts in front of cameras. It is possible that they tampered with evidence as well, so they don't know how big a crime they are committing."
Pawan Bansal has also demanded that when the fraud in the mayoral election and evidence of BJP's conspiracy have come to light, the BJP mayor should not be allowed to stay in office for even one more day.

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