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Superdad: Age 48 and children 165, read the story of this super dad on Father's Day

June 16, 2024 03:00 PM

Punjabnewsline, Chandigarh:

On Father's Day, we are going to tell the story of such a father, which may or may not make you emotional, but will definitely surprise you. This father is only 48 years old and has 165 children and this man named Negal is preparing to retire from spreading his seed anymore. According to the information, the New York Post has quoted Negal alias Sperminator as saying that he will stop all this at the age of 50. He has said that physically I can continue it, but due to the increased risk of things like autism in older men, I have to stop it soon.

Neagle is currently in the Bahamas and is vacationing with his first son Tyler, 20, and 33-year-old daughter Topaz, 7.

Earlier this week, a woman in Connecticut gave birth to another child of his. However, the children whose father Negal is, are also going to be born in America, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe. Negal says that the child who is going to be born now was his fourth child of that mother. Earlier, 10 women in the US, Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe are currently pregnant with Negal. Babies are due to be born in Zimbabwe and Long Island in July, and in Israel and Queens in August. Negal confirmed this while talking to a newspaper.

Known as a serial sperm donor, Negal still gives sperm samples to one or two aspiring mothers every week. He does this work sometimes through clinics and sometimes through face-to-face, but non-sexual meetings. He says that having a lot of children can bring a lot of happiness and joy in your life, but I do not give any suggestions.

I will try to be a better father for my 175 children. He still has to meet 34 of them. He said that he is in touch with many of his sons and daughters. He said that he keeps in touch with 56 children living in New York, 20 living in New Jersey and 13 living in Connecticut. Some mothers didn't want me to play any role, Negal says.

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