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After multiple surgeries, this minor rape victim is finally smiling

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | June 28, 2022 09:39 AM

At seven, she was raped in a train and then dumped in an empty coach.

LUCKNOW:At seven, she was raped in a train and then dumped in an empty coach.

The fact that she was mentally challenged, added to her trauma.

The sexual assault left her with a ruptured urinary tract and anal canal, which led to urination and defecation through a single passage.

Apart from passing urine and stool from a single passage, the girl also suffered from rectal and vaginal prolapse, a condition in which the inner lining of the rectum and vagina would come out during excretion and had to be put back manually.

The girl, who was living in a shelter home for eight years, was brought to the King George's Medical University (KGMU) by two NGOs and was finally discharged after a series of surgeries on Monday.

The KGMU doctors, last month, performed a 10-hour-long marathon surgical procedure in which four surgeries were performed to reconstruct vaginal and rectal passages, stop prolapse and close the fistula.

Prof Abhijit Chandra, head of surgical gastroenterology department, said, "It took 45 days for the girl to recover and now her organs are functioning normally."

The treatment was free of cost.

The KGMU vice chancellor Lt. General (retd) Prof Bipin Puri, said, "As soon as I got information about the child's condition, we decided to waive all charges."

Varsha Verma, chairperson of Ek Koshish Aisi Bhi Foundation that took care of the victim, said, "The girl can now understand the taste of food and responds with a smile."

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