Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Big claim of RBI about 2 thousand note

June 05, 2024 03:45 PM

The Reserve Bank of India has said that 97.82 percent of the Rs 2 thousand notes have returned to the banking system and now only Rs 7,755 crore notes are lying with the people. Last year on May 19, RBI announced the withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes and at that time the total value of Rs 2000 bank notes was Rs 3 lakh 56 thousand crores, which has reduced to Rs 7,755 crores on May 31, 2024. So far 97.82 percent of the notes have been returned to the central bank.

According to a PTI report, after the RBI announced the withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, people were asked to deposit these notes in banks by October 7, 2023. This facility is available in 19 offices of Reserve Bank. RBI says that from October 9, 2023, RBI offices are accepting two thousand rupees banknotes from individuals and institutions. Apart from this, people are sending Rs 2000 notes to RBI offices through Indian Post to deposit money into their bank accounts from any post office in the country.

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