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Fact is BJP is zero in Punjab and Sunil Jakhar is responsible for it : Neel Garg

June 15, 2024 08:55 PM

Punjabnewsline, Chandigarh:

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) reacting strongly to the misleading statements of Punjab BJP president Sunil Jakhar, said that maybe the BJP and Sunil Jakhar have learnt nothing from the results of June 4th. The AAP spokespersons Neel Garg, Dr Sunny Ahluwalia and Babbi Badal addressed a press conference at the party office on Saturday where they cornered Sunil Jakhar as they reminded him he always prioritised his own selfish agendas over the real issues of Punjab and its people.

Addressing the press, chairman and AAP spokesperson Neel Garg said that BJP has been rejected by the people of India but particularly by the people of Punjab. They didn't even get a single seat in Punjab. They were claiming 400+ seats but only got 240. It is because they do politics of polarisation and hatred. BJP never talks about the issues of common people, like inflation, employment, GDP etc.

Garg added that Sunil Jakhar is delusional about BJP's vote share being increased in Punjab, he said that earlier BJP used to contest only for three seats in Punjab as they had an alliance with the Shiromani Akali Dal. This time they were contesting all 13 seats, hence a slight hike in vote percentage. AAP spokesperson further said that in 2019 BJP won two seats in Punjab, this time they got a big zero, so clearly Sunil Jakhar as BJP Punjab President is a failure and he should resign from the post.

Garg said that Sunil Jakhar has always prioritised his personal interests over the people of Punjab, he left Congress because he was not in the race for the chief minister chair. He added that this is the very reason Sunil Jakhar has been rejected by the people of Abohar and now by the whole of Punjab. The AAP leader said that Jakhar never raised his voice for Punjab and its people, never stood up for the farmers or said anything against the atrocities of the BJP against the farmers. Garg said that Ravneet Bittu being minister over Jakhar should be a wake up call for Jakhar that he has no place in the BJP either.

Dr Sunny Ahluwalia also cornered Sunil Jakhar while drawing comparisons between him and Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann. Chairman and AAP leader Dr Ahluwalia said that Bhagwant Mann was elected by the three crore Punjabis with the biggest and historic mandate but Sunil Jakhar doesn't know the difference between selected and elected. Dr Ahluwalia said that the AAP does the politics of work, we talk about schools, hospitals, employment and development whereas leaders like Sunil Jakhar only have their selfish motives. The AAP leader said that Jakhar has been rejected by the BJP too, he was already rejected by the people of Abohar and was constantly ignored in Congress. Dr Ahluwalia said that even after all this Mr Jakhar is still trying to mislead the people of Punjab instead of learning a lesson.

Clearing the rumours of CM Bhagwant Mann leaving the CM Resident, AAP leader and spokesperson Babbi Badal said that it is an outcome of the free minds of the likes of Sunil Jakhar. CM Bhagwant Mann is aware of Punjab and Punjabis' every issue and he doesn't need to take residence anywhere but where the three crore Punjabis have sent him. Babbi Badal said that if anything is getting vacated, it is the Punjab BJP office as they have lost Lok Sabha elections in Punjab badly, now surely the BJP will change their Punjab president too. Badal said that it seems like Sunil Jakhar is joining the arrogant team of the BJP because a few days ago even the RSS has said that the BJP leaders have become so arrogant that they are not right for our country.

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