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Hard rock banger ‘Manush’ title track is a sing-along anthem

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | November 21, 2023 07:07 AM

KOLKATA: Bengali superstar Jeet’s much anticipated film ‘Manush’ ahead of its release has launched its official title track, and it is a banger. An emotional hard rock song, it brings the full package to the table giving one sing-along track.

Packed with punchy guitar riffs, the song starts off slow and gentle and is in fact very mellow, almost sounding somewhat depressing. But it soon begins to pick up pace as guitar sounds begin playing in the background, and soon brings in punchy power-packed riffs.

A departure from mainstream cinema, the song is somewhat unique because while it does pack in the film style it is pure hard rock and packs in two amazing solos, turning into a shred-fest at times.

The drumming is pretty basic, but it drives home the groove and the bass is audible enough. Synthesisers play a good part in the song, and it is almost somewhat similar to the modern-day hard rock bands.

But the element of film music makes it a bit different, and the composition of Anbu Shelvan with the singing of Aneek Dhar and Saavy really makes it something.

Groovy, punchy, catchy, powerful, passionate, and heartfelt, the title track brings in everything one could want for both a rock song as well as film music. There are even elements of heavy metal present in the riffs.

This is the perfect song for a mainstream action film, and the production being gigantic enough really ensures that. There is also a music video which brings in some great visuals, showing different angles of the movie.

At times pure masala, there are also some sombre elements to the film which show a kind of emotional turmoil, as well as a beaten up hero making it quite interesting.

Releasing in both Bangla and Hindi, ‘Manush: Child of Destiny’ is directed by Sanjoy Sommader and will release theatrically on November 24.


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