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Harry Styles stops concert to urge fan to dump boyfriend who she claims cheated on her

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | May 25, 2023 12:06 PM

Los Angeles: A shocked Harry Styles paused his concert to urge a fan to dump her boyfriend after she claimed he cheated on her.

Concert-goer Cecilia Cavalcanti went to Harry's 'Love on Tour' concert in Munich, Germany, reports ''.

The 21-year-old found herself at the front of the standing section and held up a sign that read: "He cheated. Should I forgive him?"

As per '', Harry noticed the sign while taking questions from fans during the incredible gig and read it out to the stadium. The audience immediately began booing while screaming out "No!"

However, Cecilia told Harry that her boyfriend told her he was "sorry" for cheating on her.

Almost 70,000 fans chanted "dump him" while the Watermelon Sugar singer asked more questions.

"Who is this person, how long have you been together?" Harry asked, with Cecilia responding: "He's a good boyfriend, almost five years, he says he's sorry."

Harry dramatically questioned: "Why, Floor [boyfriend], why, was it worth it to throw it all away? Is he here tonight?"

The boyfriend was 'working' and wasn't able to attend the concert with her.

"That's unfortunate because I have some questions," Harry added.

He went on to tell her to do whatever made her happy but explained: "You deserve someone who treats you with respect and honesty."

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