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'How is raising corruption issues under Raje govt indiscipline', asks Pilot

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | May 12, 2023 02:31 PM

JAIPUR: On the second day of his Jan Sangharsh Yatra, former deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot questioned his own government in the paper leak case, corruption issues, and also retaliated on the allegations being made by the Gehlot camp.

Speaking on the allegations of indiscipline, he said, "How did it become indiscipline to raise the matter of investigation of corruption during the rule of Vasundhara Raje?"

He further spoke sharply on the allegation being made by the Gehlot camp.

"When I observed a fast, it was against the corruption reported under the tenure of Vasundhara Raje. I don't understand how this becomes a case of flouting party discipline? The work of breaking discipline was done on September 25, when Sonia Gandhi had clear orders that both the supervisors are coming to conduct the Legislature Party meeting. Why could it not take place? Later the MLAs resigned. The Speaker said in the court that the resignations had to be rejected because the MLAs had not given them of their own free will. Then by whose will were they given? What was the pressure? As far as discipline is concerned, the standards should be equal for all."

Pilot started his journey for the second day at 8 a.m. on Friday. Thereafter, a rest time was scheduled near Birla School, Bandar Sindri at 11 a.m. The second leg of the second day's journey will start again from Birla School at 4 p.m., after which rest will be taken at Gezi More, Padsauli at 7 p.m.

Pilot also spoke of rebel in 2020 and said, "When we went to Delhi to keep our point, did any of our colleagues resign? When did we speak against the party? Did we speak against Sonia Gandhi? What happened on September 25 was in front of everyone, he questioned, adding, "We respected what the party said and we accepted whatever the party said," he added.

"When the party asked me to leave both the posts, I agreed. The committee formed on our demands was not formed by any leader but by the party. We campaigned in every election, and defeated the BJP. Didn't do a single thing against the party. However, what happened on 25 September has happened for the first time in history.

"For the first time in the history of the Congress party, it happened that the observers who came on the orders of the Congress President were insulted, then the meeting was not held and they returned empty-handed. Then notices were also issued, but till now nothing has happened, I think that should also be taken into consideration," he said.

On the question of speculation about leaving the Congress on June 11, Pilot said, "You all do not need to speculate. Whatever I say, I do it in front of everyone, I do not play hide and seek game. Whatever I have said, I have said in front of everyone. I don't even talk with double meaning.

"My demand is collective, not individual. I do not aspire for a position. The party has given a lot to me to a great extent. Even my staunchest adversary cannot point a finger at my loyalty and honesty. We have to listen to the youth. I am fighting for the youth like never before."

On the question of contesting the Assembly elections this time under the leadership of Gehlot, Pilot said, "When the party is in power, the Chief Minister is the face.

"Earlier when the BJP was in government, Vasundhara ji or Ashok Parnami (the then BJP president) was the face, it is natural that Vasundhara Raje was the face.

"The Chief Minister when in power and the President of the party when in opposition is the face and usually leads. In the last 25 years, whenever the Congress government was in power, we were defeated next time. I have apprised the committee formed by the high command about my suggestions. We all want the government to repeat," he added.


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