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Lives of some of those held in Gaza are in immediate danger, hostages forum tells war cabinet

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | December 06, 2023 06:48 PM

GAZA: The lives of some of those held hostage in Gaza are in immediate danger, the Hostages and Missing Persons' Families Forum said in a letter to the Israeli war Cabinet, the media reported.

"We received solid intelligence that there are abductees whose condition has deteriorated and there is now immediate danger to their lives," the letter reads.

"We demand that you act urgently, with initiative and creativity, to reach a deal for the immediate release of all the hostages."

The letter, which includes expert testimony from Hagai Levine, head of the medical team at the forum, says that at least a third of those held in Gaza have preexisting conditions that require regular medical treatment, The Times Of Israel reported.

Without care, some of them may be in life-threatening danger, or have irreversible damage, the letter says.

Additionally, many of the abductees were injured when they were kidnapped -- suffering gunshot wounds, lost limbs and shrapnel wounds -- which, untreated, could lead to risk to life, complications, disabilities and suffering.

The hostages are also being tortured, physically and/or mentally, and deprived of adequate food.

A markedly tense meeting was held on Tuesday between a group of recently released hostages and family members of those still held in Gaza, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the other members of the war cabinet.

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