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Navgaon water supply scheme will not have any adverse impact on villages downstream falling in district Bilaspur

February 14, 2024 06:36 PM

The water Supply scheme will benefit population of 9000 of 71 villages
Punjab Newsline, Shimla, February 14 -
The spokesperson of Jal Shakti department said here today that a joint action committee was constituted to resolve the doubts and apprehensions regarding rupees six crore Navgaon water supply scheme, under construction at Navgaon Khad in Arki sub-division of Solan district.
He said that few unsocial elements were giving misguiding statements and spreading rumours that the water from the Navgaon rivulet drinking water supply scheme was only for some particular units, which he strongly refuted saying that it was for a population of around 9000 of 71 villages of eight gram panchayats of Solan district which will not cause an adverse effect on the villages downstream falling in bordering Bilaspur district.
He said that on the instructions of the state government, scientific assessment of water flow was done in Navgaon ravine. He said that after conducting the survey of the source, it was reported that even during the decrease in rainfall, the underground water level of source will remain 380 LPS whereas the demand of water under the scheme was merely 10.53 LPS.
As 89 percent of the area under the scheme falls in district Solan, it will not cause any type of water scarcity to the residents or villages falling in Bilaspur district
It was only after the survey it was decided that as the scheme under construction on Navgaon khad was not affecting any of the villages and the existing water supply schemes located downstream and falling in district Bilaspur because of sufficient water at source. Taking into consideration the water needs of 71 villages of eight Gram Panchayats falling in district Solan, the work on the scheme can be executed. He said that this would solve the water crisis of Gram Panchayats Kashlog, Sevda Chandi, Parnu, Sanghoi, Mangu, Giana, Navgaon and Darlaghat of Arki and will also cater to the water needs of locals and assured that this won't have any adverse impact on of district Bilaspur.
Even the senior hydro geologist of Ground Water Cell of Jal Shakti Department has also clarified after inspection of the site that the construction of this drinking water supply scheme will not have any negative impact on Navgaon Khad.

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