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No Boycott of elections, to remain aloof of politics: Bharti Kisan Union BKU (Ekta Ugrahan)

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | January 11, 2022 08:18 PM

Call to remain aware of false and fake statements by any vote seeking political participant under any name
: Regarding the stand of the union on elections in its press conference held here yesterday a news paper has published a news item, “ Bharti Kisan Union BKU (EKTA UGRAHAN) to Boycotts State Assembly Elections” . Today the Union has clarified its stand on the issue to make it crystal clear and to remove any ambiguity if at all. BKU EKTA UGRAHAN) has clarified that its declaration regarding assembly elections is , “ TO REMAIN ALOOF” , Nothing more nothing less.

While Issuing a joint press statement Joginder Singh Ugrahan the Sate President and Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan, General Secretary said that in accordance with the policy of aloofness, in any of the Government conducted elections right from State Assembly downwards at any level, any of its leaders holding the union office from the Block level to the to the State Level, shall neither contest the elections at any level, nor shall support / canvass for any other candidate whatsoever. Each member of the union has a democratic right to vote for any candidate or not to vote at all.

The Farmers’ leaders have clarified that whenever any resolution of any Major problem of the farmers has been achieved the same has always been through strenuous life and death struggles. For keeping the farming alive, whatever minor benefits are taken from the Government functionaries of the Imperialist/Big landlord/Moneylender exploiters, the same is achieved due to such struggles only. Nothing can be achieved by resorting to vote/ election politics. For harvesting the vote crop , the huge promises enlisted in the election menifestoes of the parties become fake and illusory statements immediately after they gain power and occupy the seat of power. It is on account of the policy of aloofness of the union from this election politics and to remain secular (non involvement in religion), that the farmers gain their motto of unity and struggle by getting together supporters of each party and followers of each religion , with the formidable strength of which we win life and death struggles. It is under this policy that the union is augmenting its strength, impact and reach at a fast pace. This policy has helped us to form broad unity on the strength of which we have become victorious in the exemplary long drawn , sacrificial struggle against the black farm laws.

Therefore it is made clear that on account of the said confusing head line by the news paper the farmers , labourers and all the struggling masses should not get confused. Balbir Singh Rajewal political leader of Sanyukat Smaj Morcha has also tried to create another confusion and mislead the people when he stated that UGRAHAN SAHIB may make any statement in the press but he is siding with our political outfit during the assembly elections. This is also a blatant and obvious falsehood and nothing but a misleading Propaganda. It is made clear that in this statement of Rajewal there is no truth at all and it is totally fake and false without any iota of any truth.

The Farmers’ leaders have called upon all the farmers , labourers and all the struggling masses, that they should remain aware and away of such false , fake and misleading propaganda. However in view of the interest and involvement of the people at large in listening to and in understanding to the discourses regarding their burning issues during elections , the Union shall address the public on such burning issues forcefully so as to take them towards a permanent solution. To this end in pursuance of its settled policy, a strong campaign shall be launched to make the people aware and motivate and prepare them mentally and physically so as to participate in the struggles against the issues of privatization, commercialization, globalization, debt trap, suicide crop, unemployment, price rise, increasing costs of services , the drug menace etc . These are the ills that is a curse on the lives of the farmers and all the toiling masses. The concrete and detailed action plan shall be worked out tomorrow in the State Committee meeting to be held at Barnala.

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