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Punjab and Haryana face power shortages up to 2000 MW - long power cuts imposed

VINOD GUPTA | April 28, 2022 11:28 AM

CHANDIGARH: Punjab and Haryana are both facing a power shortages of about 2000 MW leading to the imposition of long power cuts for 6 to 8 hours on rural domestic consumers and of lesser duration in cities.

On Wednesday there was a shortage of 282 lakh units in Punjab. The power supply was 1684 lakh units against the demand of 1966 lakh units. With the rise in day temperature, the maximum demand is around 9600 MW with a shortage of 2050 MW.

The power cuts for the urban industry is of 6 hours, rural consumers power cuts are for upto 12 hours, and in cities unschedule cuts are imposed.
The one unit of 210 MW at Ropar thermal which is under shut down due to boiler leakage is likely to be revived today. 660 MW unit of Talwandi Sabo may come on Friday.

Ropar thermal has 8.3 days coal stock, while Lehra Mohabatt thermal has 4 days coal stock.In the private sector GVK has 2.4 days stock, Rajpura 18 days stock and Talwandi Sabo 6.5 days stock.

In the adjoining Haryana, the domestic and industrial consumers are suffering long power cuts as power demand in the state exceeds power supply. There is a shortage of at least 268 lakh units . The power demand is 1846 lakh units against a supply of 1578 lakh units.
The maximum demand met in the state has exceeded 8100 MW with a shortage of2100 MW during night hours. Every alternative hour there is a power cut during the night.

Haryana hopes to arrange 1500 MW of power in next 10 days.The negotiation for 1000 MW power are going on with Adani for new tariff.Another 350 MW from Chhattisgarh and 150 MW from Madhya Pradesh are being arranged at Rs 5.70 per unit

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