Friday, September 17, 2021

Raj Babbar supports farmers agitation

AMRIK SINGH | September 15, 2021 09:47 PM

AMRITSAR: Farmers are our food donors, whatever is happening to them should not happen. If the farmers of the whole country are saying the same thing then they cannot be wrong.

This disclosed by film actor Raj Babbar. Raj Babbar, who arrived in Amritsar on Wednesday in connection with his film 'Bhoot Uncle Tussi Great Ho', said this after paying obeisance at the Darbar Sahib here.

Raj Babbar called Amritsar his home. He said that he spent his childhood in the streets of Amritsar. Darbar Sahib has great importance in his life. Whenever he comes to Amritsar, he gets the smell of childhood from the streets of the city

He said that the atrocities being committed on the farmers. He clearly said that we should think before doing anything with what we eat. When General Dyer is no more, then what is the status of today's leaders.

Raj Babbar said that he is not a politician nor is saying anything being a leader. But today he is speaking here as a human being. He gave the status of mother to the farmers and said that we should not forget that we should be grateful for whatever we eat. Farmers feed us by working hard and we should learn to respect them. Governments need to understand their point of view,he added.

If farmers from all over India are gathering and saying something, then they cannot be wrong.

Raj Babbar said that whatever happened to the farmers in Haryana, they went wrong. Whatever is happening to the farmers, they should not happen. Don't try hard with the farmers.


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